Day After Hiroshima

Looking around at what’s left of our football meltdown to start over with in
2017: (1) Offensive Line is the immediate 9-1-1 call. If Bielema and Anderson can’t do any better than the last 2 games, we won’t have 2 backs combine for 1,000 yards next year, much less one. Regressed after Florida game. Both Guards are “offensive” and too slow, so they tip off the defense when they pull by leaning or hand/foot position. Left tackle? Looks like only Center and Right Tackle can be counted on at this point. 3 holes to fill.
(2) Defense–entire rebuild, re-scheme. Red shirts and JUCOs better make it completely better and different next year b/c it was just as bad or worse than the worst defense we’ve seen wearing hogs on helmets in 2015. D Line and Linebackers and safety need immediate improvement. Can’t be that much worse than past 2 seasons.
(3) QB – We may still have blown the lead with Brandon Allen instead of Austin last night, but it would’ve taken VA Tech longer than 5 possessions to do it. When you panick and force a bad pass into double coverage with a 24-7 lead instead of throwing it out of bounds and punting (a’ la Brandon), you’re contributing to the meltdown by trying to do too much. Same thing when it’s 24-14, you’re flushed by pressure to your left and throw a bullet behind Cantrell’s head while he’s crossing a few feet in front of you…inside your 10 yard line. Big mistake. Enos should let Cole Kelly push AA more in the spring to let him know those kind of decisions won’t go without any more consequences than just hanging another “L”.
(4) Recruiting: The price of admission in the SEC is higher than what we’ve been recruiting going back to the end of the Bobby Petrino days. We want to compete with Gus and Sumlin and beat them (forget Bama and LSU–too far ahead at this point), this class and the next better fulfill needs by closing on guys who can play against 7-10 ranked teams every year. Texas and Louisiana kids will have to get it done for us to reach the 2nd tier of the SEC West because the state of Arkansas and random JUCO Recruiting is killing us with what’s on the field at the snap. Uncommon has meant sub-standard by SEC standards in the last 3 classes.

Anytime a head coach talks about major scheme changes is a warning sign.

No head coach makes a major scheme change unless it’s a last resort.

Major scheme change is a desperation move. He thought he could coach the scheme he knows. He couldn’t. Coaching a new defensive scheme will require at least some new coaches. Asking the existing staff to do it would be self-destructive.

Panic time? I think so.

With every 7-5, 7-6 season the string gets shorter and shorter.

Bielema already has two other former successful defensive coordinators on staff (not counting himself as a former D coordinator at Wisconsin). He will start here with offseason staff changes after a bad, two year run of poor defensive play. Scheme must change to match the never ending appearance of 2-way QB threats in the SEC. 4-3 would work with real LB depth and speed (we have neither).