Day 3 of this new board.

I’ll have to admit that I’m liking this new board more each day. I do admit to missing the “classic view” of the old HI board, but I miss nothing from “Scout”. I’ve discovered the “New Posts” link at the top of the board. I really like that feature. If you’ve been away from the board for a few hours, you can click on that and get a quick view of all the posts made while you were gone. You can then click on those that interest you based on the poster and the subject matter.

I don’t know if the multitude of new posts and articles from Dudley and Richard will continue at this level, but if so, that is a huge plus for this board.

I was very disappointed the first day, but decided I would give it an honest chance as I waded through all the “newness”. It’s a “thumbs up”, so far.

I for sure miss the “Classic View.” I also miss the “hover over” function. I agree that I got nothing from “Scout.” I came to the old site for info from the Insiders, not from Scout.

I must admit my initial reaction was I baulked at $15 a month but after a short adjustment period…

Yeah, change is always difficult, hence why some of us continued to use the classic board. I am sure this board will grow on me as I use it. I just hope they come up with a reduced annual fee in place of the monthly fee. I know many are shocked at the large increase, but in Clay’s defense, he never raised the price during the entire time I was subscribed. I think a $149 yearly price point would be a pretty fair spot considering all of the facts.

I like it. I like the content.

I will be glad when it settles down. I would love to see a Transition board where all posts dealing with price and the transition can be moved.

I’m like most folks change is not the issue but the transistion stinks. The transistion to the new site has been good for me. I like it!

As web transitions go, this one was remarkably smooth from a technical standpoint. The few glitches have been addressed quickly and the changes make sense. It took users by surprise, but that certainly doesn’t mean it was thrown together on the back end. It was a significant undertaking to create the new site. I think we all will be pleased with the results in the long run.


Legal matters factored into how this move was made. Sometimes
the web weaved by and for lawyers slow us down and make common
sense impossible. It will never go away because the rake has been
with us since we first sought arbitration.
Clay and Matt and other HI administrators have cleared away my
and probably most members initial gut reaction.
Now get us a reasonable compromise on the pricing package.

Thanks to the WholeHog/HI staff.


I really like it a lot. Due to a lot of things going on in “real life” I’ve only managed to be on here about an hour total. So far I like pretty much everything about it. I too miss the hover feature and learning some of the mod things is a little different and new, but it’ll be ok.