Day 3 draft updates

The 11th round just began. There will be 10 rounds today.

Here’s a Peyton Pallette story from The Athletic, with plenty from Matt Hobbs. Sprinkle is also discussed.

Former Arkansas pitcher Blake Adams to the Rockies in the 13th round. He was at Kansas State this year.

Julian Bosnic, the South Carolina pitcher who announced a transfer to Arkansas this month, was drafted by the Pirates in the 14th round.

What do you think that means for his availability for us?

Not sure. He turned down a Day 3 offer from the Giants last year. I think because of his injury, he should have multiple years of eligibility remaining, which means leverage in a future draft.

Mark Adamiak to the Athletics in the 15th round. He transferred to Missouri after the season.

So who are we gonna lose to the draft that has eligibility/transfers?

That is to be determined. I think everyone who was drafted the first two days will likely sign professionally.

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The Reds drafted Mason Neville in the 18th round. He is a high school outfielder from Las Vegas who has signed with the Razorbacks.

The Mariners drafted former Razorback outfielder Curtis Washington, who is now at Purdue, in the 19th round.


The draft is over. Undrafted free agent signings should come to light in the next couple of days. I suspect Brady Slavens will be one. He has eligibility remaining, but it would surprise me a little if he comes back to Arkansas. Unlike last year, there is no cap on UDFA signing bonuses this year.

The deadline for draft picks to sign is Aug. 1.

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What do you think the pitcher from South Carolina will do in the end ?

Matt, what are you thoughts on INF Jayson Jones since he didn’t get drafted? I think most were unsure of him coming to campus before the draft. Does it look pretty good now that he will be a Hog next year?

I have been unable to get ahold of Bosnic, so I do not know what he is thinking. Based on his circumstances, I tend to think he’ll make it to Arkansas, but that’s just a gut feeling.

I think Jones went undrafted because he set his asking price high. You see that a lot with players who want to play college baseball. They force pro teams to buy them out of college.

Here is a rundown from today:

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