Day 2, SEC men's golf

Hogs started the day in 8th which would barely get them into match play. Slipped one spot to 9th so far, but also one shot out of 6th. There may be a massive playoff tomorrow afternoon for the last couple of match play spots. Best round today (so far) is Wil Gibson, who is -1 today, -3 for the tournament and tied for 5th overall. Team as a whole is even par today.

Finished up in 9th place today but like you said, a log-jam from 7th -11th place.

Actually we’re back in 8th place tie now with Auburn, which is +9 today with holes still to play. One of their guys made a double on 18 and his score will have to count. We will be solo 8th if the Bagmen drop another shot.

Looks like we got in by the hair of our chinny-chin-chins…moving forward, anything can happen in match play.

I understand the up and down nature of golf scores, still waiting to see some down in my game, but what has happened with the Razorback golf program? Both the men and women seem to be down quite a bit from some really good levels, not that long ago. I recognize the women don’t have that dominant player like on so many of the really good teams, but the Men have some highly successful international players with some great tournament play that does not seem to be carrying over to team play.

We have coaches in both programs who have been very good and both seem very popular within the athletic department, so I have been surprised by the recent results. I know the tennis programs have both been a bit down, so I am not that surprised with the results there. Just thought the golf programs might be a little stouter than they have appeared recently.

It’s not over yet. The cut is after tomorrow’s round. Then two rounds of match play on Saturday and one on Sunday for those advancing.

My bad…thought the cut was after today’s round.

Today has seemed kind of like a Friday all day to me…guess it’s because (a) some of my co-workers that i interact with daily are out on PTO, and (b) the baseball series starting today instead of tomorrow.

That said…seems as if half of our series have started on Thursdays this season. Wonder if that is a one-off thing this year or a trend that will continue in the future?

Like every other program, it’s down to who you recruit. The girls don’t have any Maria Fassis or Gaby Lopezes right now, although they have signed a very good one from South America who just played in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. This year, we don’t have any girls ranked in the top 100 and four in the top 250. And Mateo just played in the real Masters for the guys. But he needs some help he’s not getting. You gotta have five really good players; six would be better. And Mateo isn’t playing too well himself; he’s +4 through two rounds. Mateo is our highest ranked men’s player at #73, and we only have two in the top 250.

Men are ranked 36th by Golfstat, women are ranked 46th. NCAA field will be announced next week for the women; I would be very surprised if we get in, but maybe I’m wrong. They’re inviting 72 teams but a lot of those will be champions of midmajor leagues. I think the men will get in, and from there it’s just getting hot at the right time.

I heard some explanation of why we have so many Thursday series, but I can’t remember. Easter figured in there somehow. The A&M series also starts on Thursday, and then everybody plays Thursday-Saturday that last weekend when we’re at Vandy.

Yeah - Easter and Mother’s Day are factors every season. Seems like some years we’ve scheduled to avoid them, some seasons we have not. And then once or twice a year (usually), we are part of the SEC Network or ESPN “featured” series of the week and begin play on Thursday.

But to my memory (which might be wrong on this matter), seems like we normally have 2 or 3 weekend series per season that does not start on Friday (not including weather changes, of course). We will have 5 SEC series so affected this year (though some have been moved around because of rain), which seem awfully high.

Not a big deal - just an oddity.

Tonight is SEC Network. A&M next Thursday is on ESPNU. And we’re playing on Mother’s Day this year, at home against the Chickens.

Ole Miss worked around Easter and would have been a Thursday start except for weather. I don’t remember if Thursday was scheduled for SECN before the rain. Otherwise two TV dates and the last week, so four out of 10.

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