Day 2 practice notes and observations

Like Tuesday, we got to watch about 45 minutes worth of Arkansas’ practice. Here are a few notes and takeaways from that open-viewing window:

• Ketron Jackson walked off the turf field and onto the sideline and was being tended to by a trainer for a blister on one of his feet. Sam Pittman walked over to make sure he was OK. He then asked me how much practice access we had gotten in the past, which was usually around 15-20 minutes. It’s been nice to get to see some team work this week rather than only position drills. “Everybody’s excited about spring ball,” he said.

• Jackson is wearing a brace on his left knee, and Trey Knox had a fairly big wrap over his left thigh. Both guys were full go. Sticking with receivers, Kendall Catalon made a few really nice catches on air from quarterbacks. He got some work in with the 1s, as did Tyson Morris. Jaquayln Crawford has great burst.

• Right in front of me, Arkansas worked special teams and getting on and off the field in an efficient manner. A support staffer was timing the groups each time. George Caratan, Sam Loy and Reid Bauer were lined up at punter, but we didn’t get to see them kick at all.

• The offensive line has been steady to this point. Henderson and Wagner have worked at tackle, Latham and Clary at guard and Stromberg over the ball. Limmer has been working with the second group from what I can tell.

• Something else I noticed that I might try to ask about, whether it’s to players or Pittman, is defensive backs had tape over the upper-outside part of their facemasks, like a blinder. I didn’t see that on the facemasks of players in any other position group.

• KJ Jefferson and Malik Hornsby threw the ball really well again. Both guys completed nearly every pass against air, which is what you want to see. I was impressed with Hornsby’s arm strength when making throws from the right hash to the left sideline. Both guys can spin it and have live arms. Eager to get the chance to see them in some live action.

• Zach Williams was working one of the end spots in the open periods on Tuesday, and today Mataio Soli slid into that spot. Along the D-line, Jalen Williams has a strong lower half and looks powerful. Can’t wait for the guys on both lines to get after each other soon.

I know everyone thinks KJ is the clear leader but IMO Hornsby can be a real difference maker, much quicker and faster and as you noted a very gifted arm, He can turn any play into a huge play and maybe TD, KJ can move the chains running but not near the threat to take it the distance,Horbsby is raw but incredibly gifted athlete

I’ve seen KJ against college competition, changing plays, making plays and putting up points.

I’ve seen Malik against high school competition.

I am not dismissing him as a challenger, but I think I’ll wait until I see him against a college defense before going all in.

As you well know, there is a lot more to playing QB in the SEC besides looking the part.

And being the back up, who I know is always the most popular QB on campus.

I do not think Hornsby is any faster than KJ Jefferson from what I’ve seen. kJ has really good speed.

I thought KJ was 4.6,4.7 and Hornsby in the 4.4 range.I haven’t been in the field but on tape seems to take KJ a little longer to get to full speed, time will tell.

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Any word on where Crawford was positioned on o line? Any online stand out for size gain in off season?

Crawford is playing right tackle.

Clay where is Cunningham? Or LT…

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Clay, I know you’re busy and trying to soak up as much as you can in the limited practice access, but please ask about Curry when you get a chance. My wife met, and had a long visit, with his mother last week, Said she’s a delightful lady,

Many of us are hoping for a real dual threat quarterback…a guy who can run well and throw it well. We haven’t really had that kind of quarterback play since Matt Jones. KJ played well last year. He surprised me with his good play.

It appears we have 3 talented quarterbacks who are good athletes. When was the last time we had 3?

Cunningham is at left tackle in the little bit I saw of the O-line Tuesday. I did not go Thursday. Had a dental appointment.

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