Day 2 of practice

Braydon Webb is having a heck of a day. He is 2-for-2 so far with a double and a home run, and three runs scored. He is probably going to help this team a lot, similar to the way Trevor Ezell did last year.

If he can be as productive as Ezell it will be a huge plus!

When I saw the unbelievable stats in juco and then dvh praise him I knew we had something that could be special.

Webb went 3-for-3 with 2 home runs, including a grand slam, a double, 2 walks and reached on an error.

wow! hope he keeps it up.

And Moore got a hit in his first AB. He also had a misplay on a ground ball and a bad throw to 1B.

It was fun being out there, although I did have to chase the sunshine to keep warm.

I put a lot of notes in this recap of today’s scrimmage.

Thanks Matt,How has Goodheart Looked swinging the bat?

It’s hard to say how he looks right now because of the hamstring injury. I don’t know this for sure, but I think it could have an affect on how well he drives the ball. It’s supposedly something that should heal soon, but you can tell in his jogs back to the dugout that he has a pretty good limp.

He walked a couple of times yesterday. Today he had a loud out to center field and a groundout. He is not trying to beat out groundballs right now.

Matt, i had heard that they were going to scrimmage again tomorrow. If true, do you know what time they would start?Thanks

Makes sense kind of hard to push off with the hammy acting up

Yes, there is a scrimmage again tomorrow. I haven’t been told an exact start time but suspect it will be around 3. I will let you know when I hear for sure.

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The scrimmage begins at 2:30 tomorrow.

Thank you so much.

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