Day 1 practice report


Good report Matt. It seems Coach is challenging the team in a good way. I think maybe when he came in there were obvious confidence issues and some talent issues. We’re through that now and he’s going to raise the expectations. I know this team knows how to fight and they don’t give up. I’m looking forward to the season.

Matt, I probably won’t word this correctly, but do we look like a team ahead of schedule? Offensively with the returnees we have especially 1st team, are we ahead of schedule to start camp? Versus behind or a major teaching camp. I realize we have some young guys, and some new transfer guys, although they should have experience and a clue about what they are doing, is the team more ‘hit the ground running’ capable or are we still teaching guys where to line up and stuff? I am hoping we are a bit ahead of the curve going into camp versus previous years.

I hope we are and kinda feel like we are. Having our #2 QB dropping high altitude precision strikes deep behind enemy lines on day one is nice.

I know it’s what Sam wants, he said we have to be ahead of other teams in practice, which I was glad to hear. But are we?

It’s hard for me to say. I didn’t get to see practice last preseason, so I’m not able to gauge what we’ve seen through two days to that. And we haven’t seen just a whole lot, about 20 minutes each day.

I have watched Pittman’s movements some. He’ll walk to a position group for a few minutes, nod in approval and move on. He is the type of coach who will speak up if there is something he doesn’t like.

I saw some that in todays video. Sam strolling around station to station. Pretty cool.

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