Dax Courtney

Why did Dax Courtney teansfer to Clarendon? Is his dad coaching there now? That tiny school sure has produced some big time talent over the years.


Answered your own question. Yes his father is the new head coach there.

Well speaking of Monroe County football. Does anyone know if Brinkley is still fielding a team?

There’s no games scheduled as of yet.

As a native of DeWitt, I was sorry to see Coach Courtney leave.
But then I found out why.
Wasn’t a particularly smooth exit

Would you call that a lateral move? It has been a few years since I’ve been in either one of those communities.

Clarendon is smaller than DeWitt, but both are tiny.

Clarendon about 1500
DeWitt about 3000

DeWitt dropped from 4A to 3A recently
Not sure about Clarendon

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