Davonte Davis

Davis is healthy now, apparently, and on the surface, he produced at a higher level at the Peach Jam - 18.4 ppg versus 9.1 in the reg season. However, he did that on 40% overall shooting and almost twice as many shots as the next player on Woods Elite. He was 7-37 from three. He also only dished out 2.4 apg.

I’ve been high on Davis until I saw him this spring. Great length, good tools, aggressive offensively. But, he needed to keep developing in a few areas, namely shooting, facilitation and leadership.

I think some will question if we should get back on him since he’s healthy and put up points at the Peach Jam. But, I like our current position.

The coaches should have a very good idea where he stands with them after this weekend. He definitely had an off game vs Mokan but so did the rest of the team.

Mokan’s D overwhelmed WE.

Razorag, what’s your thoughts about Jaylin Williams?

Good upside at least at the college level. Great size. Above average skill for a big man. Best attribute is natural ability to rebound. Needs more toughness and to continue working on his explosiveness.

Recruiting wise, Okie State has done a really good job with him early, but I think our staff can win him over. What helps is that Williams skill level and comfort on the perimeter really fits Muss’ scheme. I think they can really sell him on developing him for the next level.

Thanks Razor!

Nailed it.

He also shot about 53% or so from free throw line. Not good for a PG who isn’t a pass-first PG