Davonte Davis commits to Hogs

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WPS…nice start to 2020

WPS now bring some of your pals with you!!

Huge, good news.

Like it. Sometimes the crystal ball guys have it right.

I am also pleased that Muss is signing a high school player. I was wondering if he was going to change his Nevada recruiting strategy. Looks like he is.

He kept telling us that he was probably going to wait, but you could see a sparkle in his eyes when he talked about the Razorbacks.

I think that is where he wanted to end up all the time, but it just didn’t mesh with the former staff for whatever reason - maybe because of the uncertainty of Coach Anderson’s situation at the time.

I believe after talking with him a few times about this that he would love to land the state’s top prospects - especially in this 2020 class - and not have to go to the grad transfer/regular transfer route unless needed in the spring.

He’ll always have that in his back pocket to use if there are late scholarships available via transfer if he doesn’t fill up on the high school kids.

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Nevada and Arkansas are different animals. I think he will always be attracted to transfers but knows high school talent is what will get him where he wants to go.

Was about to make this point till RD did. Live 70 miles from UNR, total different animal and sports scene between the landscape, schools, conference etc. Pretty close to comparing a dollar bill to a 100 dollar bill

Would love to sign an instate Fab 5! Davis, Moody, Williams, Moore and Robinson works just fine for me.

Awesome! what are his strengths??

First step, ability handle the ball and to drive to basket, length and defensive skills.

Shooting and finishing need improvement.

ok thanks,

Great get for a lot of reasons including a step toward hauling in his talented playing mates…

He probably kept calling him “DeAndre”…lol.