DaVonta Smith/Alabama

As great a football player he is, I am even more impressed with how he carries himself. I did not last to hear the post game interviews, but if the version on Saturdays Down South is reflective, count me as impressed. Very refreshing to see class and humility displayed in the manner it appears he displays. Seems to be more about the team and sharing credit than beating his chest. In this era of “hey look at me” and a more selfish mindset, this young man seems to have it together.

Saban’s teams seem more disciplined in the area of antics and theatrics than many others. Probably no coincidence that they often seem more focused. Yes I know they have superior talent, but there is little doubt that things are done his way. If Sark can replicate this focus/discipline at Texas, look out. I think we are fortunate that Kiffin seemingly slept through this lesson, because he is a “hey look at me” Coach who will most likely not maximize his coaching talents or players with his immaturity.

Sark’s coaching career blew up at USC because of his own lack of discipline, like coming to work drunk. Maybe he’s fixed that and can apply that discipline to his players.

I have talked to several coaches who have worked for Saban. There are aspects I don’t care for about the way Saban treats his coaches. But what I do like is the demanding nature of Saban’s coaching in regards to trash talking and disrespectful behavior by players on the field. It just won’t be tolerated. If officials hear it on the field, they know they can tell Saban and it will be stopped immediately. That is not the case with many programs.

I talked a lot on the basketball court in the early 60’s. Usually nothing disrespectful but definitely not something coach Hall allowed. After running hundreds of laps I became a much better listener to the coach. His motto was “let your game do the talking”. He was a wise man.

Clay, how’s does Sam handle trash talking and showboating?

I don’t notice much from Arkansas players. If there is a celebration, Sam generally goes to the player. He does not seem to tolerate much.

I feel that Sam is a pretty good mix of not sucking the joy out of football, but understanding, sportsmanship, class and focus. I did not see the Hogs being excessive very often, if at all, but in all fairness, this is a culture that is built over time and I would bet that Alabama did not make this turn on a dime.

I had to learn to listen to strict coaching myself. Looking back I would not tolerate some of my antics either. But in the end the coaches were right and made me a better person for it. My parents always took the coaches side to. Rightfully so in my case.
Lot of kids these days can’t or won’t accept tough coaching and bow out early and it’s sad.

I actually never have understood the idea of smack talking. Maybe just a personality thing for me? I played football. (Late 70’s and early 80’s) I was a lineman, so not a “glory” position anyway, but I can only think of one time where there was talking to the guy across the line from me (and it wasn’t smack talk) in all my years of playing.

On that thought of parents taking the coaches side: One day Coach Hall gave me 8 licks with his big ole paddle in his Science class. His reason was I wrote on my desk for the girl behind me to quit cheating off of me. He caught me and took me up front and laid the wood to me. Next period my Geography teacher Mrs. Granderson met me at the door and said “we’re going to see the principle Mr. East together. Everybody has heard how Coach Hall picks on you. We’ll make sure this stops” I said no thanks. She said “why”. I told her if we did that my dad would find out and I’d get more licks at home. I learned early on to respect authority.

Bill O’Brien is the next Saban reclaimation project and with a little Bellichek and Saban will be HC hunt circles in 2 years. Amazing who shows up and how they come out better. Petrino needed some Saban molding, cannot tell you how many bad things I heard about his and his style when he was Falcons coach. Pros hated his butt.

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