David Williams...

Has played a helluva game! Way to represent Senior.

Yes he has . He has had to adapt to a lot changes in his college career. Wish him all the best going forward and other seniors too

IMHO, he was easily our best RB. Wish we had utilized him more this season. All the best to him. Thanks for being a Hog Mr. Williams.

I agree Eagle…David has been our best back all year, but just didn’t get the ball enough. I think Bielema may have been concerned Whaley might leave if he didn’t get enough carries. Why else would Williams not play more? The guy is a stud. We wasted him, in my view.

He came here on short notice, prob still learning the playbook through mid season, but made a big impression on everyone. Tough runner with good instincts.
Mr Williams I hope you always consider yourself a Razorback, I know we will.

As Coach B notes, David Williams gave himself an opportunity to play in the NFL. He would not have had that if he had stayed at USC-E.

I echo all the praise for David Williams. He displayed steady, mature leadership and energy - not to mention excellent talent. I wish he had another two years with us, but I think, and hope, he will do well in the NFL. Thank you, David, for a job well done!

Coach B gave David Williams an opportunity to play in the NFL as well. That young man will never forget that.

Agreed. Smart move by Cbb to bring in Davis. I always liked his smart, tough running style, which will likely propel him to the next level!