David Williams impressing teammates/coaches in 2 big ways

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Allen and Enos said he’s come in and provided a good, veteran attitude and been able to pick up the playbook quickly.

It’s possible that this guy could impact this season dramatically, if he does it will have a impact on next season as well because maybe it will allowed us to redshirt the freshman RB this year. WPS

I remember all the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair when Alex Collins was not the full-time RB as a freshman. As many of us said at the time, it was a matter of being able to do more than run the ball.
[quote]Enos said Maleek Williams and Hayden have been solid the first three days of fall camp, but pass protection is often challenging for inexperienced backs. That aspect of the game is apparently a strength for the 6-foot-1, 229-pound David Williams, even with picking up a new system.

“He’s been very good in the pass pro,” center Frank Ragnow said.
That is why a player like Williams is so valuable AND why we must be patient with freshmen.

We’re very lucky to have him

Without question, Bielema’s reputation with Russell Wilson paid dividends with this, along with the way he champions player safety. The way he handled the Rawleigh Williams issues – although I’ll say there really was not much else he could do – helped land David Williams. I have not heard him say that, other than he wanted to be where there was opportunity.

I am anxious to hear David Williams’s thoughts on his fit in our offense style. This offense and run emphasis blocking appears to be a perfect fit for him. What surprised him about our program so far?

Hopefully we get a chance to talk to him this week. If not, I’ll definitely chat with him Saturday during media day.