David Williams drafted by Denver in 7th round

Glad to see it. He gave us a lot in his one season on the Hill after escaping the Chicken Coop. You never know; seventh round picks sometimes contribute big, especially at running back, and I think Denver has cleaned out the RB meeting room a bit.

He will be given the chance at Denver to make it! That’s all he could ask for. I’m glad he gave the hogs one year. He was a pleasant suprise too.

Steelers get the big guy from Springdale.

David Williams was impressive last season. I never understood why he wasn’t given more carries and wasn’t our featured back. He was, in my view, clearly the best back on that team. I wonder why he never got going at South Carolina?

Chickens weren’t running a pro-style offense, and I think that’s what attracted him to come play for us.

He sure was a great addition to our team.
I hope he makes it in the NFL and is able to
save enough to live a comfortable life. He was
smart enough to get a degree so he has a good

Thanks for being a Razorback.