David Ubben looks back at Petrino in the ditch

Goes back on how they found out Jessica was on the bike, how UA investigated it, etc. Long story, deep dive.

Ubben is a Springdale native who has covered the SEC for a long time. Yes, it’s paywall. But there’s stuff here I’d never seen or heard before.


I read this earlier in the day. Many of the rumors/myths are totally debunked here. Like Jessica’s fiancé running them off the road. And it includes the fact that Jessica and her fiancé are married with children living in Texas. Petrino was one arrogant dude.

I quit trying to debunk some of this. No one wants to believe the absolute truth. In talking with some of the key folks involved, I was sure of what David wrote. I won’t say my sources but let’s just say they were close enough to know the truth.


Clay I remember some of your discussions about it all. Pretty much debunked all of the crazy rumors.

Can we please put this to rest already? What happened, happened. No use in rehashing something that happened years ago. Tired of the virtue signaling. How we should still apologize and be ashamed and embarrassed. Need flash! What Petrino did was not the worst thing a head coach ever done.Nor is it unforgivable. I chose to enjoy those memories of those good teams and players.

No, we probably never put it to bed. Sorry. It will be discussed for decades more.

For people who have nothing else to talk about.

Nah there’s plenty of other things to talk about around here. But some of us like to rehash things & maybe get to know the facts.

Then maybe you could choose not to talk about it yourself. Which is what you are doing now.

I’m not trying to be a smart a**, just find it amusing that you are in fact doing what you are telling others not to do.

Not talking about me, just guys like yourself who like to rehash the past, because it makes you feel important and relevant. Petrino has been gone for years. Yet you can’t let it go or even forgive the guy. What’s those old sayings? Judge not lest ye be judged. He who is without sin, cast the first stone.

Well it wouldn’t be “guys like myself” because I don’t have any angst about it either way.

Just commenting that if it bothers you that people are talking about it, then don’t talk about them talking about it…

Go back to what I said in the OP. More than 10 years later, Ubben had info about the situation that I had never seen. I dunno if anything he said was news to Clay or Matt, but it was to me. So when there is new info, it’s worth discussing.

Of course we still have people who think any criticism of the former head coach is blasphemous.


For me, it’s not a matter of forgiving or not forgiving Petrino. He did me no personal wrong. He was our head football coach, not a close family member or friend.

I read the article (a subscription to the Athletic is well worth it; great writing), and I learned stuff I didn’t know. It was interesting.

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Pay Wall

Oops, I missed Jeff’s post.

I was at that game in LR when we stuffed it down LSU’s throat…

Regarding delivery of the termination letter to Petrino, there are a couple of sentences in David Ubben’s article that speak volumes to me about how Petrino was viewed by administration. Quoting Jon Fagg, Ubben wrote:

“There was some argument (among university officials) about who got to take the letter, not who had to take the letter. Who got the privilege of delivering it.”

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Hmm, a guy who quit on his team with no warning with games left in the season? That can’t be forgiven, can it?

So what are the new things you never had heard before?

The TV guy getting BP to lie in front of his bosses, for starters.

That BP had to quit the Falcons before we could talk to him.

That handing BP the termination letter was considered a privilege, which tells you what a royal jerk he was/is.

There are more things I didn’t know, but that gives you an idea.