David Pollack praise for Arkansas defense

David Pollack, former all-American Georgia linebacker, had some nice things to say about the Arkansas defense.


This is an awesome and so right on observation. I’ve never seen a defense like ours. Banshees!!!


Good to see Mr Pollack coming around and giving our Hogs some well deserved praise. The Defense reminds me of the 77 and 98 defenses. Seems to come around about every 20 years… Need to keep Odom and keep this going.
That 77 team kept Oklahoma to 6 points. They were phenomenal along the defensive line and so is this team. Too bad that Texas had Earl Campbell that year or we would have won a National Championship. Some wise man once said Defense wins Championships. This team has a great defense.


He is so right… got to be able to bring that for 60 minutes on Saturday in a hostile crowd they will probably be some adversity to overcome we cannot lose our focus that is our best chance to win

When Coach Odom was at Mizzou, I never gave him enough credit for what they did on D. I always thought “There’s no way Mizzou should be holding ARKANSAS back like this.” Now, I understand much more. He’s done a great job here and I hope we can retain him for a bit.


I fear that with our defense having such a bright light of praise shining on it this year that Coach Odom will be in high demand for another head coaching gig sooner rather than later. I’d love to think that he is happy here like Pittman and he wants this to be his last job, but as he is a former HC, I have to think he wants to be the main man again. I hope we retain him after this year, but I’m skeptical at best. Still I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my rose colored hog glassed handy.

I agree it’s going to be hard. But I don’t think CBO wants just any job. I think it will have to be a p5 job, maybe even another SEC gig. He’d be foolish to take a big12 job with the situation they are in but I don’t see him venturing far out of the midwest. Of course, money sways.

I think you’re right. It will take an opportunity where he has a chance to recruit well and win championships occasionally. Then again Sam will get him another raise this year that will put him close to $2 mil annually. After that it will just be how much he enjoys living in NW Arkansas and working with Sam and he might elect to hang around making good money and replace Sam when he retires.

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This is unbelievable high praise not only from a knowledgable commentator but isn’t he a Georgia grad?

One word of caution is that an upper level SEC offensive line with an accurate throwing QB and talented receivers can and will attack successfully any defense including ours. They can give their QB enough time to take what we are giving them in the short passing game and in the running game and we will see how much we can bend without breaking. That will mean we will have to take more chances blitzing and stunting to dial up the pressure on their QB and that gives them more opportunities to exploit those chances we have to take. So, we won’t hold a great SEC offense (which A&M and Texas are not) down to 10 points during crunch time with an extra 11 thrown in by Texas when the game was over and subs were playing. That means our offense will have to “make up the difference” and, with its ongoing improvements, it very well might. Go Hogs.

Texas offense looks pretty good to me. At least what they have done to everyone besides us.

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That year our hogs were able to be being the “D” for the first half! The second half they just wore out! When you tired and wore out it’s impossible to bring the same type of effort and result.
It should be different this time around.

I think what we can’t do is let them jump out on us by 10 to 14 points. We have to avoid the big play Early in the game and let them get the momentum. I would love to see us jump out early to show them “hey this team really is for real”

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Texas is averaging 47 points per game and had 58 vs Rice and 70 vs Texas Tech.
They are pretty salty on offense. Texas’ defense was their main issue. Think we can slow down Georgia some also, just not sure about our offense vs their defense.
Will need some turnovers to even this game in Athens. Hoping we can force 3 turnovers and keep from turning it over on offense.

The Hogs really need to score first! Put some game pressure on them!
The crowd will get loud if Georgia gets the lead early.
While it would be nice to win I’m just hoping our hogs can keep in close ans avoid a late melt down.
Senior laden hogs should be able to handle thw pressure late.

Before the game with aTm, Pollack was sayin’ “there’s no way Arkansas” wins. What a difference a week makes for a Georgia alum who was not a slouch on defense himself.

He had to eat a little crow and now he believes!

Yes he was!

Actually he was saying there was no way we would bet to 9 wins
It was a section they did on that specific question

Unless he said something somewhere else about the AM game specifically

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I think you don’t scan the same sites that I do.

Could very well be

I guess I was really asking rather than telling