Dave Van Horn is still loved in Nebraska

I spoke to some people over the past week about Van Horn’s time in Lincoln and wrote this: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -after-he/

Great read

Dave’s is a really unique situation in that not only did he leave Nebraska on amicable and understandable terms, but the pinnacle of his sport is basically in his old backyard. He doesn’t have the most wins at Nebraska, but probably was the most successful coach they have had.

It is almost inevitable that when you speak to someone here and they find out you’re from Arkansas, they talk about Van Horn and offer up that they are pulling for him this week.

DVH gets the Natty this week, they can put up a statue outside Baum of him ripping the ump a new opening :slight_smile:

And that ump would be Perry Costello.

Nah, can’t do that because then Perry Costello would boast of having a statue of himself at Baum Stadium and would think he’s welcome there. You know, kind of like that old song, “You’re So Vain (You Probably Think This Song Is About You).”

Not even Carly Simon would appreciate that!

I haven’t seen Dave do as much ump-shredding this year. He hasn’t needed it. But that shot from the Nebraska days on Matt’s story reminded me. There’s also a YouTube video of DVH going ballistic and getting kicked out of a game against the Rebnecks, I think.

The funny thing about that picture is that the umpire, Joe Burleson, is one of the umpires here this week in Omaha. He also worked Arkansas’ regional and was behind the plate for the ORU game. He will be at third base tonight. Perry Costello will be at first base.

The other umpires tonight are: Travis Katzenmeier at home plate, Chris Coskey at second base, Barry Chambers in right field and Billy Van Raaphorst in left field.

Does that mean Costello gets the plate tomorrow? Oh Lord…

You may remember this one Matt: