Dave Serrano out at Tennessee

Most saw this coming, but Serrano announced he will resign at the end of the season. His six years in Knoxville were a bust, especially considering what he was able to accomplish at Cal State-Fullerton.

There is no real surprise there. He came in with great credentials, but couldn’t live up to them.

I think most successful coaches outside of the SEC have no real idea how
brutal the day to day and week to week grind is within the SEC as far as
competition and recruiting levels within this conference until they stick a
foot in the water and test it. Too many have found out that there be
Pirahna in our waters that will eat you alive!

Serrano was a good coach in his pond back at his previous schools, but
the waters here were not forgiving nor easy to tread.

So so so thankful in what we have in DVH. SOOOOIE!!