Dave Bartoo on Kiffin

Bartoo is an analytics guy that from the very get go said Morris would fail at Arkansas.

I remember at the time hoping he was off base, but he was spot on.

He’s not a Kiffin fan either.


What he said about Morris

The majority of all the posters on WHS/HI, 247, and Rivals, in a way, all said basically the same thing about Morris. I saw and participated in 5 or 6 polls on those boards (all were polls open to the public). Every poll I saw had Morris voted last of the names on the various polls.

Gus - 1st of course
Kiffin - only on 2 or 3 polls - 2nd or 3rd
Norvell - 2nd or 3rd
Venables - only on 2 polls that had 5 names listed - 4th
Morris - on all polls - always distant last.

The old adage of “you are just a message poster, why are you questioning coaching” maybe doesn’t hold water in this case. Apparently, we would have done a better job than the asst AD and her boss.

Obviously, we couldn’t have hired Gus, but probably could have hired the other 3.

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Why do Hog finds get all excited about the next big hire when it appears in reality they will only spend the money at the bottom tier of the SEC?

I’m not sure we can get any big time coach for any amount of money at this time. Even when we in much better shape we struck out on any big names.

No matter who we get, it will be a crap shoot.

That includes Kiffen and Norvell and Leach.

My gut tells me Harsin is the best choice, but I’m not sure he leaves Boise.

But if Kiffen, et al, don’t want to come for 5-7 million, then HY can do the best he can and we hope it works out great and we find the next Broyles.

I know CCM was a huge but, but the players who tanked didn’t help the situation either.