Daulton Hyatt

Looking at the Red-White game, among few things standing out was Daulton Hyatt. At first glance, he looked like a little skinny high school kid mixed up with the big boys. When I looked up his size, it was 6-4, 192; and after watching him play, my mind was changed. I saw a gazel with a lot of moves and light on his feet that only a Chitta can chase him. I don’t know how much he knows the offense, and how well he can read defenses or all that is required from a starting QB. But if they can bring him along to where he can do it all, he presents a lot of problems for opposing defenses. I would leave the door open to all and forget the seniority. Give me the guy that can take us to the end zone.

Tap the brakes there . . . I have nothing against the kid, and I’d be fine if ends up winning the job - now, or at some future point. But I gotta call you out on comparing him to a cheetah or gazelle. He’s got pretty good wheels (especially in comparison to Ty and Cole), but he’s neither a Manziel nor Matt Jones type runner.

Jes “keeping it real” . . .


Hyatt is a straight line runner. I don’t think there is any wiggle there. He has speed. But he’s not a cheetah.

Interestingly, Chad Morris told the little animals vs. the big animals story at Fort Smith on Tuesday night. The big animal that was torching the little animals was the cheetah. No one could tackle the cheetah. Finally, to open the second half, there was a crashing tackle by the little animals on the kickoff. The centipede made the stop. The other little animals were celebrating and someone finally asked, “Where you been?” Centipede said it took the entire first half to get his ankles taped. Chad took a bit to stretch out the story. The crowd seemed to like it. I will say that it’s good to be the big animals most of the time. Centipedes have a lot of chances for fifth metatarsal breaks.

Hyatt has not been as accurate as the others in the other spring practices I’ve seen. Maybe he’ll come on. No question, he’s a better runner than the others, but the RPO reads are complex and there are times that it must be a throw or a hand off. He’s got to improve in that area.

Clay - Thanks for the story and additional insight.

Both of the Allen boys had some delivery/accuracy issues early on. I know that both of them at some point attended a summer camp for QB’s and for them the results were very positive. Any chance our top two or three QB candidates will attend that QB camp sometime this summer? Since both Allen’s did so well with what they learned there, what are the chances that any QB we would send there would progress as well as the Allens did?

We really need the improvement with at least our top two existing QB’s in consistently delivering the ball where it needs to be. Getting Hyatt some outside help would help his and our cause as well. We cannot afford missing wide open receivers. If passes are missed, most of the time it should be for reasons other than the QB just did not get it where it should be.

I really like what I saw of Hyatt. He was not going against the 1s but he also didn’t have the 1s Oline protection. Kelley and Storey had some accuracy issues with wide open WR’s.

If he’s not as accurate as the other two then we’re in trouble because the other two leave a lot to be desired in the accuracy department.

I’m holding out for a grad transfer.

I agree. The other 2 QB’s don’t have the foot speed to get away from pressure so they feel too much heat in their throwing motion. Neither looked good with the pressure Chief was bringing. Hyatt looked good to me in that he could get away from pressure, throw on the run, and he could get some yards if he runs. Hyatt wasn’t going against the 1s but he also didn’t have the 1s Oline protection. Herbs sure didn’t work any magic on Hyatt with muscle growth.

Cole made some really nice throws in the spring game, but also some missed ones.

I didn’t see a single impressive throw from Storey, but I did see incredibly innacurate passes.

I’m sure hyatts not the most accurate right now, but neither are the other guys. I think it’ll take time for all of them.

Hyatt looked better on the field than the others, probably because of his scrambles, but he did look pretty good.

They will all progress a lot this summer. Still not sold that the qb who starts this season will be the guy next year. Might be a rent a year spot.

Austin Aune could surprise us while he gets comfortable during summer workouts. He has the mobility.

With Aune’s age/maturity and ability, I would think his assimilation of the playbook will be rapid. I would not be surprised to see him make a big jump up the QB tree.

The one who will make a big jump in the depth chart is Connor Noland. As far as who will be the starter, right now I’d predict that Cole Kelley and Ty Storey will rotate early in the season, maybe not in that order. Took Barry Lunney a few games before he was the starter. It might be that the others play their way out of the rotation and someone else plays themselves into the rotation.

I had someone who really knows quarterbacks (and these quarterbacks) predict that Hyatt was the dark horse in this race – until they saw 3-4 practices this spring. Immediately, they said he wasn’t ready yet and still needed another year on the practice field. He got a little better as the spring went along, but didn’t make the jump that expert predicted.

this offense is perfect for Noland he will do fine just a matter of time IMO.

By the end of September, we may have more players
in place than we can imagine from the end of Spring.

Big time players coming to the Hill soon.

Lord, I miss Fayetteville in the Fall.

Hiatt doen’t have a chance of winning the starting position during Fall camp. But if he will put in the needed work over the Summer, he could take the lead by end of September. I just don’t like our #1 & #2 at this point, but I do like Hyatt. I have a suspicion Kelly and Storey won’t be able to move the team and play as fast as coach wants. They will be given every chance in the world to win the job though.

Kelly’s maturity - or lack thereof - is a huge concern. Not sure he’s learned all the lessons he needed to from his Steamboat Avenue experience.

Aune and Hyatt have skills that the others don’t have so they have the POTENTIAL to be our starter. I agree that the Storey and Kelley will have every opportunity to seize the job, before Hyatt and Aune are given serious consideration. Aune has the summer to knock the rust off, Hyatt has the summer to recognize he has a chance to be the starter to be more motivated. Hyatt has had 2 off seasons to have improved his strength but is still too thin. Maybe he has put on a lot of muscle but that means he must have been skin and bones when signed.

What are the reasons for that feeling?

Interesting tidbit I heard from an Uber driver recently - Cole and his group of friends called a Uber that fateful night and it showed up, but he could only fit five of the six people in his vehicle with Cole being left out.

Obviously he should have waited for another Uber and chosen to drive himself.

But it is kind of hard for me to come down to hard on the kid since I made the same mistake once in my life as well.

Uber driver felt bad about, but - as he should - Cole owned his mistake and apologized to his teammates and the fans the next time he was allowed to be interviewed.
But instead of call

Aune and Hyatt were not deemed as good enough yet by this coaching staff.

I hope they do succeed, but I don’t get the call to just cast aside what the coaches think are the two best to this point.

I’m not sure what skills you are talking about - maybe you think they have more mobility - but they would still get sacked if they can’t read the defense coming at them.

Neither was very accurate during the practices we got to see.

How about the Jones kid? Watching him on tv, he looked like a young Johnnie Manzel out there. That kid is a gamer. Wonder if he’s memorizing the playbook this summer?

Yes Mobility is the skill set of concern for me. The Oline will have some issues but to what degree? With that being said, you need a QB with an ability to get away from leaks in the Oline. Kelley and Storey did not have that ability to the degree of Hyatt and Aune, and the only thing Kelley had was the size to absorb the light pressure and still make a throw. Storey and Kelley don’t have the speed Hyatt possesses to get away from the rush. Indeed the ability to read where the blitz is coming from is critical but he is a RS FR that was bured on the depth chart last year. How motivated was he to learn and work on his strength? How much did the new staff motivate him to improve with more snaps and now has the summer to improve. You also need a QB with mobility that poses a threat on the read option for it to truly work. Hyatt was a drop back QB with good wheels but he is a RS FR. Aune is a dual threat QB that was good enough to play QB for TCU, but is rusty as a former baseball player.