Daulton Hyatt

I’m a little surprised that Daulton is still here. I guess he must be enjoying his time at the UofA, and the coaches must see something in him. Insiders, how would you assess DH’s chances of being one of our top 2 QB’s next year? If he finishes Spring practice 3rd or 4th on the depth chart, do you think he returns in the Fall?

I am also surprised he is still around seeing as how he played the least time of any scholarship QB.

Seeing as how these are the same coaches, he will have to improve to get up the ladder.

I would say it is a possibility, but not a probability.

Daulton Hyatt has SEC athletic ability. He can run. I have not seen SEC quarterback ability, primarily in the accuracy of his passing. Just can’t deliver into a tight window. Could he learn how to do that? Maybe. He’s got to improve his passing to be a factor. I have always wondered if his best position was wide receiver. He is long and athletic.

At some point, an athlete learns where his future lies and focuses more on that. UA is an excellent place to be a college kid and get an education while figuring that out. I would have loved to be a 4th string qb for the hogs while I was enrolled. I had to just watch through the fence.

Well if the Coach (CCM) hasn’t threatened to yank the scholly, why not.
Or could it be we don’t want to get to thin to quick at the position depending on Conner’s future, even though he says he’s all in in both sports for now.

I don’t think you can yank scholarships any more. You can strongly encourage a kid to consider his options elsewhere, but you can’t cut him.

I thought scholarships were like a year to year contract, well anyway,
I guess strong encouragement to move on would be more appropriate.

Well if it doesn’t work out for DH here, I’m sure Dan Enos will welcome him with open arms and a full schollie to the U. :wink: