Daulton Hyatt overcomes to be SEC commit

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … -qb-commi/

I’m not liking this new addition!

This new format crap sucks and makes participating harder. If you dont want my business, why not just say so. This proves that none of the writers or the ADG, give a crap about our opinions.

I don’t necessarily have a major issue with the new format once you figure out where to go. I always thought it was redundant to have two separate discussions for an article on the same website. However, I do believe it would be helpful if the link took you directly to the discussion for that particular article and I also like the ability to up-vote comments I think are good. I was going to suggest adding a link back to the front page of the “Recruiting Guy” section once a person was finished commenting but then I realized we can just go back up to the header and use that one.

Other than that, Go Daulton! Continue to improve and thank you for committing to be a Razorback! Woo Pig!

You can’t just comment in this thread? What’s the issue?