Daughter's first game

I’m taking my 5 yr old daughter to her first Hog game Wednesday night in Gainesville. We don’t have great seats, but we will be in the building and she is excited.

Quick parent pride story: my wife and I were out of town last week so my mother-in-law watched our girls for us for a few days. She has a cousin that lives nearby, and she came over and brought the girls some blue and orange pom poms. My 5 yr old rejects them and says, “those aren’t red…we like Razorbacks not Gators!” I must be doing something right, lol.

Yes you are. Raising a little gatorette would be a very hard thing to do. Not sure I would be up for the challenge. Hope yall have a blast and bring us home a victory.

That’s how to do it. She will be as crazy about our hogs as we are! Good job!
God bless you and your family