Date to remember on realignment

I had not read this until today. The Pac-10 is in a 30-day negotiation window with Fox and ESPN for their media rights which expire in 2025. That window ends August 4. If the numbers they get are lousy, a whole lot of people may be on the phone to the new Orphan Eight commish that night. Of course the next question is how he’s going to convince them that he can get them any more money in the Orphan 14. And the question after that is what is Stanford going to do, because they won’t join the Orphan 14.

Assuming the PAC does not get a media deal that keeps anyone else from leaving, Stanford wants to be ND’s plus one to the Big Ten dance or otherwise hope it somehow lands in the Big Ten with some combination of 1-3 other schools.

If the PAC falls apart and Stanford can’t get in the Big Ten, they might try to go independent, particularly if ND remains independent… I’m not sure Stanford or Cal could viably remain an independent very long, but they might consider it as a short term option while they hope for better days.

There is also a chance that the PAC Ten takes whatever media deal it can get and then limps along losing money and any remaining relevancy over the next few years, while perhaps adding a couple of teams happy to get out of the Mountain West.

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