Daryl Macon

Hearing he’s added seven pounds to his frame with most of it being in the upper body since reporting to Fayetteville. He’s now up to 195.

They have all made some strides in the weight room. Bar ford is now actually 210 and cook has put on about 10 pounds as well.

CJ has the most work to do. Though he too has put on about 5 pounds since he got on campus. He now weighs what jimmy did last year but CJ actually eats what the strength coaches tell him to eat unlike Jimmy who liked to skip meals.

Good to hear the gains the new guys are making. Thanks. I hope the new and improved bodies help them on the boards and on defense.

Always get concerned about basketball players bulking up, until I actually see them on the court for myself. I trust this is the right kind of gain.

You need strength to play on the major college level. Daryl needed it.

These gains a needed. Only one player under Anderson has added too much weight(Mickelson) and that was under the old strength coach.