Daryl Macon is slyest player since......

Great players stepping up at CRunCh time with Trey Thompson steal, Moses bank shot, Mannys control but I loved Daryl going after 4 foul hard to stop Silvia. I really think he got under Silva s arm to create a foul. The ice man then of course made the free throws! His smart play reminded me of how Scotty Thurman would non chalantly hang out after our made shot and pick off Unsuspecting in bounds shots.
I love Macons game.
Great win for the team and way to go coach A.

Macon is a real smart player. When we were trying to hold on at A&M, Davis jumped out at him on the perimeter, and he took advantage to draw contact. Money. That’s how you win on the road. You aren’t going to get a lot of blowouts away from home.

Watching the last 3.5 minutes of the game it seems like he did this 2 other times also. 1 of the 3 was definitely initiated by SC but it’s amazing how he makes this happen.

Just watched the 2nd half again and was going to identity Daryl initiating the contact on Silva and drawing his 5th as the play of the game. Manny’s shot was huge but Macon essentially deeking the official into that call and turning it into 2 pts on the other end was massive. Such a heads up play.

Great performance last night especially after those two ugly losses and then the 1st half at LSU. If Mike was about to lose them, well he sure as heck got em back.

Way to go boys, keep it rolling.

Glad you posted this. He is so good initiating contact on offense and getting the call. He doesn’t do it all game, so the refs don’t get used to it and watch for it, just near the end of close games. He did the same thing with 16 seconds left and us up by 3. Sank both to give us the 5 point lead.

I asked him about it after the A&M game and he insisted he wasn’t flopping while smiling. He’s definitely exaggerating contact. Heady stuff. You can get away with it in the NBA at times. With college refs, they’ll call that the overwhelming majority of the time.