Daryl Macon Headline?

The local headlines give all the attention to Allen who plays for the other team without much consideration for the effort of our own Daryl Macon. “How about Macon’s Effort Not Enough” or something like that? Daryl is a Hog and loves being a Hog unlike the other person. Daryl gives great effort for our Hogs. I am a homer thats’ why I subscribe to our home state newspaper.

Whew, now I can breathe. :wink:

Reply: I couldn’t add anymore to that, but say ditto!

Agree!! Good Job other Guy, But Macon fought hard for the hogs and deserves the headline like “Macon’s Hard Fought Efforts Comes up Short” or what you said.

Agree 100%, Good post, WPS

Best post of the last 2 days. This is a Razorback board, thus the names HogSports and Hawgs Illustrated. It is not a board named “good AR high school player who shunned the Hogs (twice) and plays for the enemy”.

Which is the better line:
7-10 FGs / 3-5 3s / 5-6 FTs / 4 boards / 1 assist / 1 steal / 22 points - Macon
7-16 FGs / 5-9 3s / 2-2 FTs / 2 boards / 0 assists / 1 steal / 21 points - Allen

Pretty clear who had the better game, yet on a Hog board, Allen gets multiple headlines. The Razorback player, with the better overall game, gets a couple of mentions in game write-ups.

Totally agree! Best post in some time,!

I wrote the story, so I’m assuming this is directed at me. For starters: I don’t take offense to your comment. Just wanted to make that clear up front.

This is how I approached writing it. As an aside, for context, both the quick gamer and longer story that appeared on the site were used by the Democrat-Gazette in the various versions of the Friday paper.

Yes, Daryl played really well in a losing effort, his fourth straight strong performance. He was the main reason the game was as close as it was, which definitely merited mention along with a discussion about how his teammates were largely ineffective.

I talked about Macon and Allen both at length in the observations, which tend to focus on judging how Arkansas performed in various areas of the game. The point of doing those observations is to try to provide context, generate discussion and take a deeper look into how the team is performing.

But Florida mostly controlled the game and KeVaughn played a big role in that. Hit some high degree of difficulty shots and had some big moments that killed momentum for Arkansas. Hog fans in BWA made it a point to get on him whenever he touched the ball, but he wasn’t fazed and was a big part of the reason Florida won by double-digits.

It was a fairly easy decision on my part to focus on that and I’d imagine most journalists would feel the same way. If Malik has 30 next week, I’m sure Bob Holt will write about that in his gamer.

Jimmy, this thread wasn’t about content, it was purely about “headlines”, at least that’s how I took it. I always read all of your posts/articles and your content is always spot on and a treat to read. What we (at least me) took issue with was your headlines in 2 of your 3 articles. Both began, in huge bold print, with “KeVaughn Allen”. It’s like you were rubbing salt on fresh wounds. Especially the one that followed his name with the words “Stands Tall”. Dudley’s headline read “Razorbacks make wrong kind of statement”. He then talked about how well KeVaughn Allen played. There was no doubt that KA played a very good game and that should have been in the contents.

What makes KA such a sore subject with many Razorback fans is that he led us on in 2 different occasions. Before and after Donovan left Florida. On a Razorback board, it would have just been nice to see Daryl’s name in one headline since he, in my opinion, was the best player on the court. I also believe FL would have beat us without Allen, but would not have beat us without Kasey Hill. Hill killed us in that game.

Ah, gotcha. The one I bolded was the main story that ran in print and that headline was written by the editorial staff in Little Rock.

I agree that Kasey Hill was fantastic.

Now this whole thread is what & how a topic should be discussed here, and everyone or some who commented and/or responded weren’t shootin from the hip after reading only a sentence or 2 of the OP or a post they were responding to.
All I can do now is agree with about everything that was discussed and applaud the fashion in which all concerned came to the same understanding.

Macon is a baller and a fighter and the rest of the team need to step it up.
Allen came in with a chip on his shoulder and he produced.
Kudos to them both.
Fla is a better team right now, but don’t I foresee them being so in the near future.

I agree Macon deserved a little more ink, but I’m sure he wasn’t slighted intentionally, sometimes there may not be enough to go around.