Darwin Barlow's top 10


Darwin on why Arkansas:

“I love the coaches at Arkansas and their fans, I think they have something great going there. I love what I felt at the offici visit.”

How you feel about our chances here? Been hearing a lot about him and TCU

Has to help having some other Texas kids in his ear, it’s starting to show the Texas connections paying off. We need some high profile kids and he’s one.

I think it’s Arkansas or OSU.

I’m sorry, Richard; I’ve tried to keep up but been mostly involved with baseball. If Barlow has already started making official visits, why is he just announcing a top 10 instead of a top five? Or is he still trying to figure out the other four OVs he’ll take?

Can’t answer that. He’s OV Arkansas, Minn. and OSU so far.

Feels like TCU to me. I saw where he’s also told TCU coaches he will be on their campus the weekend of the 27th…hmm

I had him as a possibility not a confirmed.

I want Barlow to be a Hog! Do we like other options better that we might could nab? Just wondering. ghg