Darwin Barlow to decide


Still expecting OSU or Arkansas. LSU is also a possibility.

Just wondering if you saw his tweet with Joshua Foster and the Frog emoji etc. Before Foster committed to the Frog are they in play?

Yes, he might go to TCU, but I’m hearing Arkansas, OSU or LSU.

You are the most optimistic on him. He has been my pick from the beginning! I hope we have a decent shot! ghg

Which means he’ll go to TCU. All it takes is for a coach or person to get in his head and change things.

What if Spivey commits to us tomorrow? Does that lock out Barlow?

Barlow wasn’t coming either way.

Barlow will go to TCU or LSU.

Earlier they would’ve taken two. Will they now? Morris has said he won’t turn down a great player. It would be hard to turn down Barlow if he wanted to come.