Darrell Walker v Texas incident 1982

Came across the article.

Remember the game well as a kid.

Miss the national relevance and hope we get it back for good soon.

Didn’t Lemons punch Walker in this game and later call him a “thug” or something. Or was that another game?

Darrell is one of my favorite Hogs of all time. I ran into him near Chicago years ago. We had some mutual friends and we had a nice visit and some laughs. Isaiah Thomas was with him and he was very nice and friendly too.

I’ll always be a fan of Darrell. He played his heart out every game. And has done quite well after his playing days.

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I believe this is when Abe threatened to tear Eddie’s Sunday suit. I think I may have dated one of old Abraham’s descendants.

Wow. Wanna guess who wrote that article? Me, as a stringer.


I also remember long ago when Sidney Moncrief went off on a couple of Aggies.

No punches were thrown. I was there. Eddie brought the media up to his office well after the game to watch the video. Abe said Darrell threw a punch. He did not. It was the beginning of the end of for Abe at Texas.

If I remember correctly, the initial reaction was pretty much against Walker. But the video from a station in Springfield, MO. caught the incident in context and showed it was Abe who was at fault.

Abe was entertaining to SWC writers for a bit. But he went crazy in the end and everyone figured out his act.

My favorite Abe quote when one of his players went for zero points: He scored the same as a dead person.

Still remember Abe’s TV show which opened with a shot of a casket. Somber music, then Abe raised up in his suit with a rose in his hand and said “We ain’t dead yet!”

Darn it…just was reading this thread and was going to post this…you beat me to it! :wink:

IIRC, that was after his Horns had beaten us in a late season game, to keep their mathematical chances alive. It would have been over if we had won the game.

Rudy Woods.

Thanks. Could not remember which one of Shelby Metcalf’s thugs was the main culprit.

Rudy Woods. Hadn’t thought of him in a while. My Aggie story peripherally involving him: We were playing TAM in Barnhill in February 1980. US Reed had two FTs with like 3 seconds left to take the lead, made one of the two to tie it. A&M rushed the ball inbounds to try to get a halfcourt heave. Reed set up to take a charge from Dave Goff and Denny Bishop gave him the call. It was a horrible call by the way. Goff had already flung the halfcourt heave before he ran into US so we got a one and one with :00 on the clock. He made the foul shot and we won. I had to go to the A&M locker room for quotes. They were extremely POd at the call and nobody wanted to talk, including Rudy. Rynn Wright, who was a forward that looked like he was chiseled out of granite, was the maddest of all. He made a menacing move toward me and several other media types and we decided to get out of Dodge before he flattened us against the locker room wall. There were no Aggie player quotes on the media handout that night.

Final score? 45-44. Ah life in the SWC before the shot clock.

The Wall: Rudy Woods, Rynn Wright and Vernon Smith.

Unfortunately for Shelby, that wall had a few cracks.

That guy got more credit for doing less than anyone not named Guy Lewis in the old SWC.

Oh they did okay. They won the SWC title that year and also set an unusual NCAA record in a tournament game against North Carolina that same year. Game went to OT, Aggies scored 25 points in the five minute OT which was a record for any OT period, regular season or tournament. They then lost to eventual NC Louisville in the Sweet 16. That record for OT points lasted until 1998.

After that round of 32 loss to the Aggies, UNC would make the Sweet 16 every year for the next 13 seasons, ending in 1994 when they lost to Boston College in the round of 32 as a 1 seed. That’s the record for consecutive Sweet 16s.

I got to know Darrell Walker a bit when he lived in LR after his NBA career ended, but before he got back into coaching. Played golf with him some. I asked him about Abe. As I recall, they kinda patched things up. Darrell seemed to like him at the time I talked to him about him.

I always had a grudging affection for Lemons. I’ll never forget him standing in the stands cheering for us when we played Louisville in Austin in the game where US Reed hit that long shot at the end to win the game. Abe was quoted after the game as saying something to the effect that he’d seen us enough to know that when we got the ball back with 5 seconds to go & trailing by 1 we had it in the bag. Thought we had abut 2 seconds more than we needed.

Earlier that year US hit an off-balance shot at the buzzer to beat the Fallopians in Barnhill. Abe sauntered out of the Erwin Center after his halfcourt heave and proclaimed to the TV cameras “I have seen that shot before!” Abe also appeared to be pretty well snockered at the time.