Darrell Walker, the art collector

A month ago I was touring the new Wingate Arts building at UALR, I noticed two pieces of art in the main lobby with the names Darrell and Lisa Walker listed on it. When asked, I was told that they were donated by the Walkers who had interest in art.

Then last Sunday’s edition of ADG had a feature on Walkers’ art collection about the Walkers and their art collection at their home in Little Rock. Darrell says when he played with Bernard King for the Kinicks, Bernard turned him to art. His wife Lisa already had a liking for art. It was also revealing that many NBA stars such as Carmelo Anthony and Grant Hill are art collectors.

We all know how Darrell was as an incoming Razorback sophomore. Being an art collector is another stunning development in the evolution of Darrell Walker, the man. I spoke to Darrell at the reception held by UALR for their new head coach. A very impressive and articulate individual that wowed the Chancellor in his interview and was hired immediately after that.

A great success story that should be very satisfying to Coach Sutton on what he and Patsy did for Darrell. I am sure Coach Sutton is proud of this as much as his success on the court.

I ran into Darrell and Isiah Thomas outside of Chicago years ago when both were involved in the CBA. Had a nice visit with Darrell. We had mutual friends back home in Arkansas. What a nice guy. As was Isiah.

Hope he is wildly successful at UALR. My daughter and son in law graduated there.