Darrell Walker next UALR coach

Per ESPN’s Jeff Borzello

I think he’s got a chance to succeed, which is more than Sidney Moncrief had with the Trojans.

Just curious to know why you think Sidney did not have a chance.

The word around UALR was that Sidney hated recruiting and was not cut out to be a college coach.

I like it. He’s really done well at Clark, and it will take that same kind of effort to get UALR re-built.


Darrell has wanted to be a head coach in Arkansas for a long time.

He and I have had so many discussions about it during the last two times the UALR and Arkansas State jobs have been opened.

But each wanted to see college head coaching experience instead of just NBA assistant and scout experience.

Loves his adopted state.

So very happy for him. He’s come a long way from the guy who I first met in May of 1981.

Wish Darrell Walker well. I’ve enjoyed every second I’ve ever been around him.

Sounds like a good fit. Wishing Darrell all the best. If I’m living in Central Arkansas next season, I’ll definitely attend some games. Anyone have any idea what Wes Flanigan will be doing next season? Do you think he might be either coaching Parkview or assisting his dad at Parkview?

I got to know Darrell a little bit when he lived in LR. We both played golf at the same country club. A really, really nice guy. (And, fwiw, a terrible golfer.) I wish him nothing but the best at UALR. I kinda hate he never got, nor likely will get, the chance to coach the Hogs.

if you are speaking of chenal, played with darrell many times there. you are correct about his golf game but he tried hard and was fun to be around. i have some good stories not to be told here about his golf antics. lol

I thought he still had a home in Little Rock. I lived in the same neighborhood as him until we moved 10 years ago.

Somewhere in a box in a closet or garage is an old clipping from Orville Henry about how Eddie Sutton got the Chicago guard he wanted in Darrell Walker. The “other” Chicago guard was Isiah Thomas.

Wally Hall says Darrell and Lisa still live in Little Rock. That is why UALR has been his dream job.

That’s funny. I ran into Darrell and Isiah Thomas at a hotel just outside Chicago at lease 25 years ago. I walked over and started talking to them. Turned out Darrell and I had some mutual friends back home. He introduced Isiah and we had a nice visit. Both were very likable guys.

Very proud for Darrell and UALR. I believe he will excell there.

We need some junkyard dogs like him as Hogs