Darrell Walker article

Nice read about “Coach” Darrell Walker

https://theundefeated.com/features/clar … x-english/

nice find, thanks for that! good read.

Darrell lives next door to a friend of mine in LR, but I’ve never seen him there, he is obvisously not in that home much.

He was such a oompetitor, such a defender, man I loved that time of the razorbacks.


He was one of my favorite players

I ran into Darrell years ago at a hotel. He was with Isaiah Thomas. We talked about Arkansas for a while. Turned out we had some mutual friends. Both were really good guys.

Really great to see him helping kids. He is one of my all time favorite Hogs.

Darrell was a wild child when we first got to campus together, but he certainly matured along the way and he is one of my closest and dearest friends.

One of my jobs as a manager was to make sure the players got home safe.

I did my job well. :sunglasses:

He is happy about this opportunity at Clark Atlanta, but yearns to get to a bigger stage.

I believe he’ll get that chance before too long.

He wanted so much to coach at Arkansas, UALR or Arkansas State and talked to them all when jobs were open.

So Dudley is it true that Eddie finally had to move him in with him and Patsy to keep him out of trouble?

He was a wild child at Westark, too. Surprised Kaundart didn’t get that out of him, but Sutton certainly had his hands full. Add Willie Cutts to that mix, and …

Good thing UALR-Little Rock and. ASU-Jonesboro passed on Darrell. Their decisions are really paying off for them.

My favorite Darrell Walker moment was when he got a technical for how he looked at the official. The official admitted it after the game (if memory serves and lately that is always a question).

No. although he did spend some nights out there.