Darrel Walker

Sounds like a perfect fit for the UALR job.

I hope so. I could get behind that.

I would love that for him and our state.

First thing that came to my mind too. That would be awesome.

Hope Darrell can recruit better than Sidney Moncrief could. That was pretty much a disaster. Corliss in Conway was slightly less disastrous but still not a success.

Really good players don’t always make good coaches.

Darrell did OK in the NBA, where you’re a tactician and a psychologist but not a recruiter, and seems to be doing well at the D-2 level, but D-1 is a whole new level.

I hope that Darrell get’s a shot at UALR. He certainly is a personable guy to talk too. And he has plenty of NBA contacts. Add those together and he may be a good choice. Won’t know unless he gets a chance.