Darius Philon arrested in Phoenix

First reported by… TMZ?

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/rep … ocid=ientp”>http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-darius-philon-arrested-for-aggravated-assault-with-deadly-weapon/ar-AAFBju9?ocid=ientp</LINK_TEXT>

Wow but I’ll wait for something official and more facts before passing judgement. Hope it’s not as bad as it looks here.

You’re right Jimbeau. It’s too early to pile on Philon, but this does not look good or make much sense. Was DP in CBB’s first recruiting class?

Nope, signing day bonus from Nick in Petrino’s last class in 2012.

Thanks. I remember the whole Bama grey shirt deal, but wasn’t sure of the year.

Let’s hope the facts turn in DP’s way, but guns, strippers and money usually don’t end well…

There are several Arizona sites reporting this (and using TMZ’s story as accurate), plus NBC is now reporting it. Everything is reporting her side, and not his. Looks worse right now because he is the third Cardinal to have issues in the last few months. Everything is getting magnified.

That didn’t take long.

And Cardinals released him Saturday.

Guns and strippers? Just never seen a positive story come out about that combination. :sunglasses:

I have, but probably not family oriented enough to be retold on here :smiley:

I personally don’t get why a guy making millions of $ hangs out at strip club.


I’m more concerned about a big strong man making millions has to have a gun on him (pull it out) everywhere he goes? He worried that female stripper was gonna kick his a…!

Warren Moon practically had a personal table at most of the strip clubs in Houston while he was with the Oilers, and there were/are a bunch of them. Supposedly he’d hit men’s clubs on Saturday night during road trips as well. He was married at the time, but that’s another issue.

We all know pro athletes have no trouble attracting women, but a lot of the attraction is that they want something more than to enjoy his company. Hanging out with a stripper is going to cost the athlete something for the evening, but there are no future complications.


Saban gives a lot of people an inferiority complex…

Well that’s no fun!

No future complications in theory. In Moon’s era, that worked. Today’s world and social media, no way

Swine I think you’re referencing the Wrong Warren. We’ve clearly swerved into Zevon territory. Now there is a reason why ole Warren Z did not include strippers in the list of items he requested when he got into trouble in Honduras. They are much more expensive than waitresses and only tend to make matters more volatile.