Darius Hall

Anyone else heard the rumblings of our dude being around campus the last few days? Anything to it?

I have not, but would not find it unusual.

Several former transfers make their way back to see friends, girls, etc.

I still haven’t figured out what Baker Mayfield was doing on Dickson Street. Don’t they have bars in Norman?

Baker apparently was visiting with a friend.

Interestingly, he called Austin Allen to see if he wanted to hang out while was in Fayetteville.

Austin wisely chose to do something else that night.

Good thinking on AA’s part.

I am checking to see what I can find out about Darious from people who should know.

Was what Dudley suspected. He as just in town to visit some friends. He did the same in LR.

Abayomi Iyiola is in Fayetteville, should be having physical and enrolling

Sounds good thanks for checking my dudes