Darius Hall

At exhibition game. Have to say I’m super impressed with Hall. He’s athletic and handles the ball pretty damn well. He’s going to be huge.

Yeah, he stuffed the stat sheet. 4 steals and 3 blocks! On the radio it sounded like he fixed a lot of things when he came in the first half. He may get some time at the #4 until Thomas and Cook return.

The two Freshmen show some game tonight…They are going to help…Now if we can get Jones off, this team could be pretty good.

I hope you mean if we can have Jones go off in this year by scoring and playing D this could be a special team.
You can also predict the same if Garland gets cleared to play.
MA has done a great job with this recruiting class as well as the 18 class so far. If he gets the 6 committed now to sign the sky may be the limit.

Watched jones on defense closely tonight. He knew his assignments and played very hard on defense.

As for the defense, as usual any team that can move the ball on us will get a lot of open threes. With this level of athleticism I have no idea why we don’t play more straight up man. Dribble drives against a man defense is a bad idea this year with what we have in length and height.

Only if Gafford is on the court. And not switched out top on pick n roll. We need depth tho

He’s so long and has good defensive instincts. Most importantly, like Manny, he embraces playing defense and really competes. There was a little dust-up after a jump ball Friday and he was clapping his hands, getting into it.

I also think he’ll guard 4s in a small-ball lineup that really isn’t that small, at least early in the season. It could wind up being something Mike uses a lot this season if it works well. Defensively, he’s better than any 4 they have. May be close offensively, too, since they don’t really get a lot from that position.

Him playing with 3 other guards stretches the backcourt kinda thin, but it may be something they have to look at.