Darious Hall


Well…that’s not what the rumor mill said. :roll:

DePaul sure isn’t what it used to be. Under Ray and Joey Meyer they were always good to very good. Now they’re terrible. They went 11-20 this year. Darious might be the go-to player for them next year but it will be a lot of losing.

Depaul? Estoy confundido!

Not sure who is advising this guy but it’s not good advice. Should have stayed a HOG, good riddance.


That would be great. He can enjoy freezing weather on a regular basis. A few years from now we will likely have
to work at even recalling his name.
Oh what’s his name that wanted to be a star.

As far as good riddance comment, some usual suspects have hinted that Hall departure was a mutual event. I have a feeling if it is true, Thomas and Hall gave Mike a heartache before the NCAAT. And again if true, I wonder if that affected the team.

I read a report that Hall’s departure came as a surprise to coach Anderson, I think it was just bad advice given to the young man

He’ll be on the bench next year in street clothes.

What’s sad is often kids get advice from some of the most ill informed people that have no clue what they’re talking about.

They probably read Hogville

Good point. But they’ll still suck in 2020.


This is always one of my favorite things to keep up with during the college basketball season.

Right. People on this board were talking about Penny tampering with Hall but instead he signed 2 4-Star pt guards & a former A&M commit. Now he’s going after the 2019 #1 recruit in the country who played for him at East & 2 5-Star & 2 4-Star recruits who have connections with his new assistant Mike Miller(the former NBA Star)

If by surprised you mean he gave Hall an option to eaither stay and take responsibility or bolt and don’t then yes he was surprised Hall couldn’t man up. DePaul only proves his baggge.

Has any one thought that CJ and Darius were told to leave? No sure why, possibly grades, bad attitudes, whatever… Maybe Mike was just fed up and told them to leave and he would keep quiet about his reasons.

There are a few people who have been saying that, or claiming they have inside info. I don’t believe them.

A few of them claim its grades, but if it was grades they couldn’t transfer to a new school on scholarship because they have to maintain a certain GPA to be eligible per NCAA.

Bad attitudes? I’ve heard a few people say Darious had one towards the end of the year, and with what Dudley and others have said about people in his ear, I could see it, but I haven’t seen one person “in the know” say that about CJ.

I’ve said before, I think both saw the writing on the wall, I know people disagree about Hall, but honestly I believed both Hall and Jones’ replacements came in this class. I think Hall would have got time because of his defensive prowess, not as much as he wanted, but I think CJ was done at AR.

I seen something on youtube today that shed some light on this situation to me. Dustin Thomas released a rap video today, and guess who the hog basketball players that were in the music video with him? You guessed it Darious Hall and CJ Jones. Now there was a football players in it as well, and their was some brief shots of Arlando Cook and Anton Beard as well. But, the two guys that were in almost every scene with Thomas was Hall and Jones. Now is it a coincidence? I personally don’t think so.

And for those that want to see the video you can youtube it or google it. It’s very explicit I’m sure it’s against the rules to post something like that.

And I’m not trying to judge anyone, I would be a hypocrite to do so, Because I use to think I was a rapper when I was in high school me and my friends use to think we could freestyle and we would try to make beats and record songs. I don’t think anything is wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with being artistic and expressing yourself, but I think for those that watch the video, you’ll listen to the lyrics, and see how they are acting, and you can tell there was some immaturity going on with these guys and it’s obvious basketball wasn’t their primary focus. I’m guessing CMA saw this as well. This could have been one of those situations were CMA felt he had to clean house and we’d be a better program in the long run for it.