Darious Hall goes for 30 against Arkansas State, but

the Red Wolves downed UCA 95-82 as two other in-state schools played today.

Did he really leave Arkansas because he thought he should be one and done?


He had people around him that convinced him he would be better off at a different place.

Darious basically told me this after he left .

He looked very good to me against us,seems to have gotten a better stroke and has always been a very good athlete.

What happened for him to leave DePaul?

Coach got fired and he wanted to get back closer to home.

Conway in the dead of Winter is a lovely place. Compared to the brutal chill coming off of Lake Michigan. Glad he’s doing well for the Bears. I think UCA will be competitive in the Southland this year. Maybe they will catch lightening in a bottle and dance.

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