Darious Hall commits to DePaul

Darious Hall just committed to DePaul via Twitter. The Blue Demons were 11-20 overall and 4-14 in the Big East last season. He’ll sit out a year then have three years to play there.

I reached out to Darious by text and asked what led him there. He replied, “A lot.”

Of all the places why in the world DePaul? This makes me think something happened at Arkansas and he may have been asked to leave.

This is confusing.


The most bizarre transfer destination for a homestate guy who was going to get starter minutes. Has to be something else going on.

I think that too. But everytime I have seen Coach A asked about it by the media you can tell he is agitated by it and doesn’t understand the decision.

That leads me to believe he wasn’t asked to leave.

This may explain the way the team played throughout the season and particularly in postseason play. If what DT apparently said on the rap video is any indication and CJ and Hall shared those sentiments, then they needed to leave.

What did Thomas say? I missed that.

I did not see it because I could never find a link to it, but it was reported on here that he declared F*** Mike Anderson or something to that effect.

Why are people still complaining about why?..What reason does coach Anderson have to lie about why Hall transferred? Coach said it caught him by surprise just like it cause us by surprise so why is that not believable…The kid just was lead away by is own selfish ambitions on top of receiving bad advice. He has to live with his decision which I believe was a bad one but it’s about what he believes that will dictate his future

Here’s the link (NSFW): <LINK_TEXT text=“https://soundcloud.com/silly_willythc/i … -prod-jlee”>https://soundcloud.com/silly_willythc/i-dont-need-a-bitch-ft-dustin-thomas-prod-jlee</LINK_TEXT>

CJ Jones just announced he’s committed to Middle Tennessee State.

Let’s be clear about a few things.

Arkansas did not want Darious Hall to leave so whoever is spreading that is just starting up crap.

He played as well as anyone in the post-season so him thinking about leaving is not the reason thr Razorbacks got down 21-2.

The fact that he is going to DePaul means two things to me. The people around him gave him some bad advice and he listened and didn’t make the smartest decision.

There’s not always a conspiracy. Sometimes it just is what it is.

As far as Thomas, he dug a hole nearly from day one and just kept shoveling. Nobody is responsible for his troubles other than himself. The NCAA has rules that have to be followed as does Arkansas.

Hmmm, expected UAB.

Congrats to CJ

He was committed there the 1st time around. He should do well their.

I think he was committed to Chattanooga first time around.

His and Jacorey’s career arc really mirror each other.

I believe they went to the same high school in Birmingham. Go to Arkansas and then eventually land at MTSU in the end. Funny how things work out like that.

Here’s what I wrote up on them:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … tinations/

Yep I stand corrected.


I might could have understood it if D. Hall had transferred to Da Hall in South Orange. D. Hall to DePaul makes no sense at all.