Darious Hall and Daniel Gafford do battle

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … to-head-i/

Richard, I believe you saw this game. Darious makes a statement that he is getting better on pull up jumpers. Did he attempt any in that game and make some? At the next level, I have no doubt he is going to be an explosive beast around the rim, either driving to it or after catching the ball around it. If he can add the pull up jumper as a dependable skill, that would make him unstoppable within 10 feet. Maybe he is getting better as he says and that is why scouts have upgraded him to a 4-star.

I was shooting video so I had to call Bill Ingram and ask him. He said Darious scored all of his points in the paint which makes sense with Gafford being in foul trouble good part of the game.

Not sure where but I have posted about him hitting some mid-range shots in Vegas. It was in Vegas where he got the bump in his rankings.