Darious Hall and CJ Jones will transfer...

per Coach Anderson

Any idea if Mike will make their release contingent on not transferring to another SEC school?

I don’t understand the Hall transfer at all.


And I hate to see CJ go too.

Dang. I’ll eat crow on making a big deal about rumors. All we can say is “Adios, and good luck”.

It sure opens up some opportunities to the newcomers.

This is the problem with these deals. There’s no good PR. If Mike tells the reason Hall is transferring, then it’s bad PR. If Mike keeps his mouth shut, fans are frustrated. The only information I have is hearsay, so I’m not going to post it. But I will say this, if it doesn’t make sense, there’s a dang good reason worth keeping quiet.

Glad it was resolved quickly. Mike probably learned about it the same time Nick Mason did. Them contacting Jabril Noel Price was telling.

That changes the look of next year’s team in so many ways, hard to understand why two guys with a lot of playing time ahead would jump now…

The only thing I can figure, is these two guys think the newcomers will take their playing time. The new guys might be better, and they know it.

I agree. I think Hall would have played and got minutes, but I think he would have lost his starting job by conference play. Jones wouldn’t have played much.

Curious as to who or when their replacements will be.

I don’t think Hall would have lost his starting spot, he’s a good player with high upside. I think Hall just let people influence him and I think all of Gafford’s success kinda escalated that from the sounds of it. Everybody pretty much is hearing the same thing, he thought he deserved more playing time and felt he would have been a one and done prospect if he had.

I think Phillips is a better player than Hall. Defensively I think Hall may have him, but Hall to me is being overvalued by some on here. I’m not saying he is a bad player, but I don’t see the guy many on here did, or he thinks he is

I think you that is true of CJ. CJ is a Jimmy Whitt transfer. Hall is more like Babb transfer, although Hall played a lot more than Babb. He was basically our sixth man.

Seems Hall got adequate minutes to demonstrate his skills. He had some good games, but nothing that made me think he was a one and done.

I hope it works out for him and his advisors.

Funny thing is that now at best he is three and done. Not sure what he is thinking.

Regardless of what some of ya’ll are saying Hall is a big loss. The kid has potential and would’ve really helped. I think CJ is running from competition.

All of that is spot on.

I don’t get the impression that Mike went to any great effort to hang on to either one of these guys. That right there should be eye-opening to you Mike haters who get on here and spout your garbage every time you have half the story or none at all.

Heaven forbid facts should get in the way of a good agenda. Or a not-so-good one.

Arkansas had big plans for Darious Hall so any thoughts of him being run off are not accurate.

As I have said, I think Isaiah Joe will be the starter at the 2 next season.

DG may be rethinking his decision to stay. We have no decent front court players besides him.