Darin Turner impressed by Pittman, decision coming

I think he is a must get, especially if he decides to play on the D side of the ball. I could see him playing both ways to be honest. If he is that much of a stud…why not.

He said he likes the staff he’s bringing in.do you think Sam has already told him who the OC is? I would think that would be a very important thing to know.

No. He’s not telling any kids. It would leak.

there was a time (in Wilson Matthews era) when Memphis Central and LR Central were national powers with Memphis Central being the better because of population. Wish those were still the days, but Memhis football is an area that I would like for us to make a good impression. OL options are strong in the upcoming years. Huge kids with good feet at Evangel Christian who were juniors this year.`

By reading your post you think Sam already has his man but won’t announce until after season is completed, correct? I think I may have missed something about this earlier. Thanks, WPS

On radio this morning Pittman said he has more OC interviews… hopes to have him on board by end of the week.