D'Arcy has left program

Arkansas outfielder Gabe D’Arcy is no longer with the program. He went through preseason practice.

I’m told it was a homesick issue. We’ll ask Dave Van Horn about it after the game.

Where was he from?

Pretty sure he was from SoCal … down along the coast. I’m thinking around the San Clemente area.

That whole area from Laguna Niguel down to Oceanside is really beautiful; spent many getaway weekends down there.

He is from San Clemente.

Well, being that far from home makes home sickness a bit more understandable. I hate it, though. Had he given it a chance, he’d have probably grown to love it.

Obviously I don’t know, but often when a college kid is terribly homesick, it’s not because he’s homesick, but he misses his girlfriend. I had that kind of homesickness my first semester of my freshman year. I know of others who had the same malady.

But back to the important part: how much was he expected to add to the team? Does this really hurt us?

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I think he would have played some this year, but I’m not sure how much. He wasn’t pushing the starters for playing time, from what I could tell.

I thought he could have contributed longterm, but there is so much roster volatility in baseball that I never really count on players to be somewhere from one year to the next.

In that case, I’m only mildly disappointed. Hope the kid does well wherever he lands.

But how can he give up a full ride scholarship? Oh wait……….

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