Danyelle Musselman…

She’s not wrong. But where is all this student-athlete “attacking” happening? Twitter? And, of course, coaches and players alike consume gobs of social media to further their own interests. Given that, at what point should we expect them to endure a little idiotic bashing? You gotta learn to ignore the idiots if you’re going to play in the same sandbox with them.

And I’ve never totally bought the recruiting thing.


Welcome to 2023. It is sad stuff. Players ripped. Gotta be tough. Losing is rough.

She would not have liked the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Now the 60s were different. Not any internet or cell phones. But what was said in coffee shops was brutal. And lots of folks just hand wrote a letter and mailed to Wilson Sharp. Players got those letters.

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God is great, beer is good and people are crazy…Billy Currington


Like most things in life, the answer is right in the boring center of sanity.

  1. It’s okay to banter on a forum and question strategies. Just keep in mind these are real human beings we’re talking about. That should be enough to guide how far we go in our discussions.
  2. At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked if a few teams didn’t have social media trolls whose only jobs are to pose as certain fan groups and just bad mouth players and recruits–especially in these days of easy portal transfers.
  3. Sometimes, the old wisdom is still the best. You can’t control what others say or think. Listen intently to the people who love you and know who the best version of you really is. Give everyone else simply good faith, unless proven otherwise.

I don’t disagree with the content of her post at all. I do, however, question what the post will accomplish, if we take the intended audience to be stupid fans. If you’re wishing harm on an 18-22-year-old kid, you either don’t care about the post, or you just became excited about the fact that you got the attention of someone who is incredibly close to the Program.

If, however,–and I suspect this is the case–the audience is the athletes themselves–a show of support and solidarity–then it seems like a good move to me.

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Genuine student athletes…probably agree. But the high dollar nil guys, it comes with the territory. Also her tweet sounds a little like a veiled complaint about her hubby’s recent criticisms.

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I’ve seen some social media criticisms of AB’s conduct at Vandy, (Not saying whether the criticism is warranted or not; I didn’t see the game.)

I’ve seen several Twitter posts saying Leave NSJ alone; he wants to play and will when he can. But I haven’t seen the posts supposedly attacking Nick. I confess I am not a big Twitter guy.

Do you suppose she could be referring to posts about AB?

I’m glad she’s talking about bullying. Most don’t realize when they are doing it. There should be more awareness and consequences. Social media and message boards is at the top of the list as avenues for this behavior. Not by your locker in 8th grade.

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By the way, FWIW, I am glad Danyelle is posting about recruiting and retention for the Hogs.

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I’d almost guarantee that’s what prompted her post. People everywhere, including on this board, were slamming AB unmercifully. It went on for multiple days, also even on this board. It got way, way out of control. There was even a post on this board accusing him of always acting like an &^% everywhere he’s played, which was an outright lie. As far as I’m concerned, questioning his character is way out of bounds!

I’m very glad she posted that. It was needed. And I don’t believe her statement had anything resembling a veiled reference toward her husband.


Larry, I have been AB’s biggest defender, and I know every team in this conference is trying to bully him, but he’s got to dial it down.
He should’ve gotten at least one T against Vandy.

Just play, young man.


I am going to assume its on twitter. I limit the amount of time I spend on that app because those people are ruthless.

Why I don’t Tweet-Twitter or whatever that is. Not because I bash players or coaches, but instead I know I would get into heated arguments with those who do. All of Twitter World would witness it and probably cause more escalation.

In Danyelle’s case I agree with her but she may be feeding the trolls who do these things.

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For those saying you don’t see it, go look at the comment section on anything posted by Razorback social media teams. Comment sections are easily the low point of humanity at this moment in time, the anonymity of the internet breeds truly despicable things.


I would instead suggest that you don’t read that stuff. Your blood pressure will rise to dangerous levels. It will make you mad.

I put hunting and fishing stuff on social media, or throw up story links.

I do not use Twitter. I made a decision early that Twitter was a drain on time and could lead to other problems. So I’ve never been there.

I’ll get notes from Sarah with fun and positive stuff she thinks I should see. Or maybe Matt Jones will alert me to something that is fun or news. That’s enough for me.


I look for tidbits on Twitter. Made a decision long ago not to dive into the cesspool there, either sports or politics.


It’s what I try to do as well, every once in a while I make a mistake and get into the comments, it’s never a good idea.

This is exactly why I never set up a Twitter account……it is filed with a bunch of terds and a holes hiding behind their twitter name spewing hate. My friends give me a hard time about it but I just don’t see the point of being on it. As Clay indicated, it would make my blood boil and life is too short for this stuff.

If it was me, as one of the players, I would just stay off Twitter and away from the idiots and fools that are out there.

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There’s no way of getting around criticism on social media. You probably have 95% of the fans that stay away from the crazy stuff but the 5% sure can get nasty and make a fan base look bad.



Agree Richard. I do visit Twitter a lot because that is where breaking news hits first. You just have to ignore the nasty stuff.