D'Antonio quits at Michigan State

There had been some speculation he might leave a couple of months ago, but the timing here is pretty wild.

Looks like he’s leaving in front of the chasing wolves, and cashing his $4.3M retention bonus.

is this related to the scandals that popped up (for Izzo as well) a couple years ago? something about battered female students and cover-ups?

It was definitely separate from their MD sexually abusing female students (or was gymnastics only?)

I mix up my disgusting Big 10 stories, there seem to be so many.


There were allegations against football & basketball players. And allegedly covered up by both coaches. Very disgusting stuff.

There was a special on ESPN that showed just how much He and Izzy covered up! They should both go to jail! Enablers of sexual assault and battering women! There’s an example of win at all cost! Sorry human beings!

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Michigan State should go get Smiley as their interim coach. He not only has experience stepping in for a disgraced coach in the off-season, but he’s a former MSU head coach!

That’s a good one! John L Smith wouldn’t cover up enough illegal junk to fit in a Michigan ST.

I think a HC a Missouri state would be a good fit for this job

And that guy would quickly hire John L, right?

Not sure who you are talking about Clay (“that guy”). I was talking about Smith (“Smiley”).

Perhaps you were responding to another message in the thread?? Can’t tell because nothing is quoted in your post.

EDIT Never-mind…I think you were referring to Petrino hiring Smith as an assistant.

Still, will suggest to you what I have to many others over the years. In a longer thread, it is always best to quote the post (or part of a post) you are responding to, if your comments are a direct response to a particular post. Otherwise, most readers won’t understand the context of your comment and/or exactly which post you are replying to. The classic example is when someone simply posts “I agree” or “I disagree” - and nothing else, when there are prior posts in the thread on both sides of an issue. Agree/disagree with WHAT??

Mich State is simply a repeat of Baylor (cheating, sex scandals, & cover-ups) but in the Big 10 conference - too much pressure to win at all costs so as to not be the wannabe team of the conference & of the state.

Petrino did hire John L at Arkansas. Easier just to be simple and obvious with me post. I was neither.

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