Dante Walker has


Look for Maryland and Iowa to get involved.

At the appropriate time I’ll get more into why.

So, this is not just about Scott leaving. Does this free a scholarship for a kicker who likes Arkansas and has gotten full scholarship offers from Houston, Baylor, and Tulsa?

Least surprising news of this recruiting season…/

I know you’re happy.

Depends, do you want to sign our other commits and a LB?

I’m sure there’s a good reason why RD appreciate all you do. Wish we could’ve kept him though. Film was straight nasty

This me speculating, I don’t believe a FG kicker will be given scholarship untill Conner Limpert graduates.

With the new NCAA rule that a walk-on only has to be on campus one year to be counted against 85 only. I’m sure he would have to walk-on a year and win the FG job, if he is ever given a scholarship to Arkansas.

They would love to take Russell and Henry.

FWIW, Taylor Edwards obviously knows Walker’s situation. Why would you even think of bringing in a kid that has no chance of qualifying?

I know they would love to take both LB’s. Would it be fair to say that anyone that signs Walker is taking a chance on losing that scholarship? I’d say the same with Henry, there’s a risk that they don’t qualify. We can’t afford to lose one out of this class, much less two. We have another spot opening up too, correct?

Arkansas took his commitment knowing he had work to do. It’s my understanding he had a very good semester.

I think Henry is likely to come and I know Arkansas is in good shape with Russell.

I think if Arkansas was going to offer Noah, it would have already done so.

But from talking to him Tuesday night, I still think Arkansas has a decent chance to land him via the PWO route.

He loves it over here and loves the staff.

Just a decision between him and his parents about money the first year

I couldn’t see the staff giving a kicker a scholarship when we already have one on scholarship. But with Limpert being a senior, that scholarship opens up next year. I could definitely see the staff giving Noah that scholarship next year if he walks on this year.

I had a feeling this was coming due to Scott leaving so not really surprised. We had done really well on the D line so far so if this frees up another scholly for another LB that we really need then I am good with it. Give me Henry and Russell and that will be huge at the LB spot.

I think this kid did kick without a HS tee this year to prepare for college. But generally kickers should earn that scholly as we have learned in the past.

Who is our special teams kicking coach on the current staff?

Yes, as noted in one of my earlier stories on Noah Rauscsheberg, his coach allowed him to kick without a tee this season.

I’m not happy, but hard to be disappointed about not signing a guy it was obvious had next to zero chance of ever being a Hog.

More to it. Will say at the right time.

Look forward to it - lots of intrigue with this class between him, M Brooks, etc.

This staff can make the hard decisions in recruiting and that’s how the big boys play the game… excited about what they can do down the road in years to come.