Danny Sheridan

Just laid it all out there on Bret Bielema on Bo Mattinglys show. I hope everyone was listening, great take. Bret isn’t earning his pay, we have been horrible under him. We should expect to win, and atleast compete for the west every 4 years. Instead we are literally only ahead of Vandy right now for the worst team in the SEC. Sad, fans deserve more!

Danny Sheridan is not much more than Finebaum , his take means nothing to any one
Bret had a long way to go when he was hired, was it to much?
We will see shortly. If it is he will be gone.

I guess I look at it from a different side.

We beat teams that we really shouldn’t have and all were riding the wave but not looking at the people leaving ( drafts, grad,etc…)

Now we are at the other end where we should beat teams but lost to Missouri and SC this year.

VA TECH was a loss the I bet no one really thought we would win and then didn’t so the sky fell

I also look at if we can score 24 points in a row so can the other team. that is sports. happens all the time not just football

You can either examine results or make excuses. In year 5 the results ought to count a lot more.

I find Danny Sheridan to pretty much tell it like it is, and he’s right on this one. Big man ain’t getting it done. And, yes, we have a right to expect a lot more.

Sheridan was spot on. He made very valid points. 10-25 in the conference is terrible. I laughed when he was talking about Bielema’s five year plan and said if this is it he’d hate to see year 6. He was fair in his analysis of Bielema and where the program is vs where it should be. Like Sheridan, I have no bias against Bielema, it boils down to the bottom line and Bielema just has not and is not getting it done. Everything else is just excuses. Arkansas is better than what we are getting from Bielema. We can do better and should do better. Apparently other people have a higher opinion and expect more from Arkansas football than many of its own fan base.

Danny will tell you what he thinks. He has no filter which I like.

10-25 in the SEC…man I knew it was bad, but that is Vanderbilt and Kentucky bad. I guarantee you Coach Broyles would never put up with that. He would do his best to get us a great coach. He would never stop trying to find the right guy to coach this once proud program. Coach Broyles made some excellent hires in Coach Holtz and Coach Hatfield…he had some duds in Jack Crowe and maybe Danny Ford, but he would’nt ever stop trying to find the guy. I hope Jeff Long has half the passion for the program Coach had. If he does…we’ll be all right.

I would bet that Les Miles has a chance to be our next coach. Long cannot take a flyer on an up and comer. Miles is one of the few proven coaches that would come to Arkansas and he and Long have a relationship.

Heaven forbid

Not a fan of the idea of a 64 year old coach, who was having trouble getting it done at LSU toward the end of his career.

Young, energetic up comer, or Mike Leach.

I agree with this. Would love to have Leach or a young coach that is showing great potential.

I don’t care for the Leach notion but a young coach why not. Les Miles also would not be a bad idea but Miles won’t stay long if hired he would flame out. He’s pretty hard headed like Coach B.

It’s pretty obvious Coach B has the next 6 games to show some life and get the hogs to be competitive. My overall gripe is going to South Carolina and not competing and the team was not prepared. No adjusted this year until the Bama game when it was all but over. That was the no huddle. Also the changing an Oline that has been plain horrible for 2 years.
I wonder how you beat Florida last year and look good and then get hammered by Auburn and look so pitiful?

Leach? Gross.

Gross or comical? A little of each.
The TT of the SEC. Laughable.

I would take a chance on Leach in a second over what Bielema has managed to accomplish while at Arkansas. Maybe accomplish isn’t the right word to use when referring to Bielema’s record here at Arkansas. I think Leach would win here and obviously others like yourself don’t. One thing is certain, that’s whether or not Bielema can win here. In year 5 and we are no better off than his first year. One other thing is for certain, the longer Bielema is here the deeper the hole becomes for the next coach to climb out of.

Danny Sheridan? Leach? Oh lord help this fan base…

Worst P5 Conference record in last 4+ years…Lord help us is right

Leach? Something like that is probably the way to go as much as I can’t stand that style or the guy himself.

He will win some games but will never get a team all the way to the top. Slinging it that many times offenses are prone to serious crashes like the one last week against Cal. They scored three points.

People love slinging it around and lots of points even if you beat the opponent only by 3. Fans are much more forgiving if you have an offense. Anf certainly when you can’t find the rare beasts on a line other styles of offense may be needed.

None of these leach protégés are guarantees see UNC, West Virginia, TT, …but generally the fan bases are probably happier due to the points scored.

I’ll bet if we went back in time most would be unbelievably excited to have gotten Sumlin and his style. Yet despite all the talent and style he hasn’t brought AM to the promised land. Has been more competitive than arkansas? Yep.

Let’s see wha we end up with but I’m hoping for a flexible innovative coach who isn’t a Leach copycat.


Worst P5 Conference record in last 4+ years…Lord help us is right
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I think I said Saturday … but man it’s the eve of another football weekend! I’m pumped baby!

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In all seriousness we are and have been a train wreck and as a life long Hog fan it’s very disappointing. It’s not as if I’m making this stuff up. It’s factual information.

A few wins would change the narrative and breathe some life in to what has become a moribund program.

Hopefully it happens …


Ya. I knew there was now way he would keep his word on that.


Well it’s not like I broke any rules Notorious - it was a voluntary sabbatical and I now feel refreshed and pumped for another CFB weekend. I’m ready for a little dialogue with you and all the other smart, witty folks on here!