Danny Nutt and James Shibest

Weren’t they on Kim Dameron’s staff at one point? What has become of them?

Shibest has been at Memphis for 3 or 4 years now.

Danny Nutt has retired and lives in Florida. Dennis Winston and Mike Markuson also coached for Dameron at EIU.

James Shibest is the special teams coordinator at Virginia Tech. He never coached under Dameron at EIU, but they did coach together at Ole Miss.

I hope I never see those two a$$ clowns on the sidelines again in RRS.

I was sitting there near the Ole Miss sideline when Houston came to town and beat us that first year after he was fired.

Both of those guys were just behaving pretty badly for a couple of adults. I was surprised that a guy who invented the Wildcat would act that way. :lol:

I couldn’t agree more…

I see and talk to Danny about 15 times a year in Lakewood Ranch, near Sarasota. Houston visits him frequently. Danny is still a hog fan.

Danny is a good guy. He is loyal to his brother, as he should be, and that was an emotionally charged time. How is his health these days?

I don’t know of any specific issues with Danny’s health, other than those reported on the net. He seems very fit when I see him. He plays a lot of golf too.