Daniels might be out

I don’t know what difference it makes, but JT Daniels might not be available tomorrow.

Holly Rowe reported today that he’s a game time decision. And there’s some growing buzz about it on some Georgia boards.

He’s had a minor pulled lat all season. He’s playing.

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He will play he has been in practice.

My UGA friend landed in ATL for the game and texted me that JT is out. We’ll see.

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That back up lit us up last year

The backup will be playing a different Hog team…

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The word is he will likely not play.The backup played well against a different Hog D last yr,he is a better runner but not as accurate a passer…we will see how much it affects the game.

That actually worries me

well he’s not an elite runner but he will run it more than Daniels…Bennett had 5 runs for 20 yds last yr on us…

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